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An innovative and proven guarantee

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Cheaper and more secured than a Credit Insurance

Escrow agreement

It guarantees the parties that the funds are available just for the related purchase and the terms of release and restitution of funds.

Payment Processing

The receiver is the only one to dispose of the funds. He releases the funds in accordance with the contract and informs the parties accordingly.

Closing and archiving

Once the funds have been released and any balance returned to the depositor, the escrow is closed.

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An innovative process, a proven method

Trust is everything in the business world.

Commodity brokerage, for example, often involves large funds, the security of which is essential.
We offer you an alternative to credit insurance and other usual methods: conventional escrow.

The escrow is an ancestral process in France, registered in the Civil Code since its creation in 1804.
The method is simple :

1/ The law firm is appointed receiver of the funds paid by the buyer.
The agreement defines the parties, the sums sequestered, the conditions and modalities of release of funds, and the modalities of restitution of funds.

2/ The depositor places the agreed sum in the hands of the receiver, who deposits it in an account officially registered with the Bar Association, identified and known to the parties.

3 / The receiver carries out his mandate by paying all or part of the sums sequestered, in accordance with the orders he receives from the principal.
He reports to both companies.

4 / Once the sums have been paid and his mission completed, he issues a receipt to the parties and, if applicable, pays the balance to the depositor.

Simplicity, transparency, security, and speed: this is how we contribute to the confidence and fluidity of commerce.

Security and speed of trade

Securing the buyer

The funds are placed in a Legal Escrow account until direct payment to the seller accordingly to the terms of the contract

Securing the broker

The money is already reserved and available to carry out the operation.

Securing the seller

The amount of the sale is already secured and ready to be paid to the seller (producer, developer, etc.).

An economical solution

Escrow is up to 80% cheaper than credit insurance.

Securing reception

Upon receipt of the goods, the buyer can report any disorder on a dedicated form, online, and block the amount of the dispute.

Fast and Safe

Better than credit insurance

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