Use of unlicensed images is a criminal offense

3 years of prison

And a police record

300.000 € penalty

and up to 1.5 million euros for a company, for the French State

Damages and interests

Compensation of the author and payment of its legal costs

Maitre Emmanuel Gili

Copyright infringement

Intellectual and artistic creation is too often flouted.
We no longer count the quantities of photographs or graphic creations used by websites without the appropriate license.
Being an intangible, virtual act, those who use these photos without the agreement of their author are not necessarily aware that they are committing a criminal offense, punishable by imprisonment and a heavy penalty.
Being creators ourselves, we vigorously defend creators whose works are used without a license.

Simple and efficient.

Intellectual property counsel

We inform authors of their rights and help to protect them.


In the event of copyright infringement, we offer the fraudster an amicable settlement of the dispute.

Legal proceedings

If mediation fails, we convict the fraudsters in court.

The use of unlicensed images: a web-bane

Have you received a formal notice?

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