Expertise areas


We support tradespeople in their legal and judicial issues.

Service residences

We support the owners of service residences facing their tenant.


We enforce the rights of our creative clients, whose images are used without a license on the internet.

Maitre Emmanuel Gili

Rigor, creativity and conviction

Dura lex, sed lex : the law is hard, but it is the law.

The law requires knowledge and great scientific rigor.
The practice of justice requires creativity and conviction.

Assert the rights of my clients, break new grounds in case law,
It's my daily life, and my passion.

Enforce or break a commercial lease,
Highlight the originality of an artist and assert his rights,
My lawyer gown is made of rigor, creativity and conviction.

Covid-19 : are rents due ?

Interventions area


Are your creations stolen and published on the internet without your consent? We have a specialized team to obtain compensation.

Service residences

Is your tenant not respecting the lease? It is coming to an end and you do not know what to do? I have accompanied the owners of tourist residences for 10 years.


A commercial property to acquire? A problem with your lease? A financial difficulty? Supporting tradespeople requires technicality, sense of commerce and humanity.

Technology at the service of our customer relationship

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